On the road again…

KMV_3883       KMV_3885

I travel a lot for my job. At least I hope to travel a lot for it! That’s a lot of why I love consulting work. I get to go to lots of interesting places and work with different companies, and for an ADHD person like me, it helps to keep things interesting! But every once in a while, the travel gets challenging – last week I was in Miami, and next week will be in Beverly Hills. When I booked my Miami travel, I didn’t know I was going to be in California the next week, so I decided to leave Saturday instead of Friday night, so that I could do some Miami Beach nighttime shots. Great idea, until I got assigned to this California project and had to travel to California on Sunday! I got home last night at 9PM, and I’ll leave for the airport around 3PM today – home for 18 hours. Just long enough to do laundry and charge all my electronics 😉

But I did accomplish my goal of shooting some nighttime shots in Miami Beach. I love the art deco hotels all lit up with the neon lights. It was awesome walking the length of the Miami Beach art deco area on a very muggy and hot Friday night.  It was very crowded along Ocean Drive, so I took very long exposures (ISO 100, 15-30 seconds depending on f-stop) in order to see the traffic lights and not the cars in the pictures. I am a huge fan of nighttime lights, especially the neon and bright colors on the street. I need to go back 1) in November! and 2) At 3AM to have fewer cars in the road. But, the headlights and taillights made for some interesting shots.

So now it’s off to California. I’m planning on taking at least one evening to go to either Venice Beach or Santa Monica Pier for more nighttime shooting. I’ll be in California several more times on this project, so I’ll have lots of time to see the city at night. Hopefully Los Angeles will be less humid!

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